DJ Spooky : Dubtometry
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Dubtometry - CD
More than merely a remix album, Dubtometry sees DJ Spooky joining forces with dub legend Mad Professor to further the music and concepts introduced on Optometry, bringing new twists to an already twisted sound. The sound of jazz is still alive here, as the quartet of Matthew Shipp, William Parker, Guillermo E. Brown, and Joe McPhee remains at the heart of each remix. But Dubtometry takes the spirit of Optometry even further, blending the original album“s jazz elements with hip-hop style, rasta flavor and dub techniques using the power of digital technology.

Dubtometry - LP
Taken from the full-length “Dubtometry,” this 12” carries the fusion of jazz with hip-hop and electronics to the next level. Featuring the skillful lyrical stylings of J-Live and hard-hitting beats from DJ Goo and Alter Echo, this is a must-have for any DJ looking to lead an audience into the unexpected. After half a century, jazz has returned to the dance floor with a brand new attitude. You would be wise to check this out.

Various Artists

Track List
    Dubtometry - CD Track List
  1. Alter Echo “Optometry rmx”
  2. DJ Goo “That Subliminal Kid Vs The Last Mohican”
  3. J-Live “Optometrix”
  4. Lee Scratch Perry “Jungle Soldier”
  5. Karsh Kale “Variation Cybernetique rmx”
  6. DJ Spooky “Parachutes (Dub version)”
  7. DJ Spooky “Sequentia Absentia”
  8. Twilight Circus “Variation Cybernetique rmx”
  9. Mad Professor “Interlude”
  10. Colorform “Sequentia Absentia rmx”
  11. Rosemary “Intro”
  12. DJ Goo “Bomb Massive (Optometry rmx)”
  13. Alter Echo “Interlude”
  14. Blend “Dementia Absentia rmx”
  15. I-Sound “Kollage rmx”
  16. Negativland “Asphalt rmx”
  17. Animal Crackers “Optometry rmx”
    Dubtometry - LP Track List
  1. DJ Spooky: Optometry (Alter Echo remix feat. Lee Scratch Perry and Mad Professor)
  2. DJ Spooky feat. J-Live: Optometrix (album version)
  3. DJ Spooky feat. J-Live: Optometrix (instrumental)
  1. DJ Spooky: Optometry (DJ Goo Bomb Massive remix)
  2. DJ Goo: Bonus Beats
  3. DJ Spooky: Absentia Absentia (Alter Echo remix feat. Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry and Mad Professor)

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